Our Policy

The CIOB’s membership is without doubt the broadest of any professional body concerned with the built environment. This expertise helps us to form and evolve policy from a unique perspective across the whole spectrum of sustainability, where our members are often the leading experts in their field.


We have linked the policies set out in the action plan and papers written by our members into our engagement with governments and other bodies. Carbon Action 2050 itself has been mentioned in the UK Government’s response to the Low Carbon Construction IGT report led by the Chief Construction Advisor, and our own views on topics such as the Green Deal, building regulations, energy efficiency, waste management, sustainability reporting and more all draw their evidence base from the information contained on this site.

You can view our policies at www.ciob.org/insight

To set the carbon and energy efficiency agenda in context, we have produced a timeline of key legislation and events, past, present and future, that affect the wider business environment and the construction industry. We hope you find it useful.